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Lamb Little is dedicated to providing uniquely tailored insurance programs that
manage and minimize risk through a variety of superior products and services.


Who We Are

In a few words, we’re your safety net.

We’re your assurance that no matter what the incident, event, or consequence—whether
unexpected or unintended—you will have peace of mind.

Since 1947 we’ve been providing world-class service to our clients by way of our long-term
carrier relationships, our dedicated insurance consulting and account management teams,
and our claims and risk control services.

It’s a delicate balancing act. But it’s one at which we’re experts.

We’re your one-stop resource for bridging the gap between your current insurance program
and your risk management needs. We’re there to catch you should you stumble or fall.

We’re always there.

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We partner with you. We study your business and analyze your needs. We collaborate.

We evaluate your unique situation and circumstance, guiding you through
the process on an ongoing basis. We make sure the insurance program
we develop for you is the very best solution for your particular needs and situation.

We provide you with the necessary insurance products, services, tools,
and resources to ensure your firm and its assets are adequately protected.

We then master the nuts and bolts, dig into the nitty-gritty details, cross all the “t”s
and dot all the “i”s…so you’re covered.

We recognize that no two businesses are the same. That’s why you’re
never subjected to a “one-size fits-all” approach at Lamb Little.

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Lamb Little is not your typical insurance agency.

We’re a cluster of independent agents.
Each one of us with a personal and financial stake in your business. In truth, we’re
equity partners. Not just within our own organization but with our clients, too.

We have no “owner.”
So there’s no one taking a large chunk of the agency’s profits for themselves. No one
dictating a “scorched earth” make-a-sale-at-all-costs attitude. We’re all owners.
Which is why YOUR business really is OUR business.

We’re privately held.
There are no outside stockholders to please at the expense of pleasing clients. No
corporate mandate or bureaucracy. No possibility our great customer relationships will be
disrupted by a corporate takeover, buyout or acquisition.

We pool our resources.
The result? We’re able to deliver the very best products and services in the entire industry.
And because each broker is responsible for the welfare of their individual customer
base, you deal with the same broker/advisor every time. Call it strength in numbers.

Our commission structure is unique.
Your Lamb Little broker gets the same amount of compensation year after year.
Most of our competitors pay their brokers more in the first year to land your business
and then, once landed, they pay them significantly less to service it in subsequent
years. That being the case ask yourself: 
Who’s going to work harder for you each and every year?

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Our experienced team of insurance professionals focuses exclusively on crafting solutions
that precisely fit your individual needs…letting you get on with the business of your business.
Call or email them today.

Name Extension Title Concentration Linkedin 
Brennan, Jim (847) 230-3216 Vice President Commercial
Cox, Pat (847) 230-3228 Broker/Advisor Commercial
Daugherty, Josh (847) 230-3258 Broker/Advisor Commercial
DeMarco, Andy (847) 230-3234 Vice President Personal-
Home & Auto
Disselhorst, Bob (847) 230-3238 Vice President Commercial
Hermann, Lisa (847) 230-3252 Vice President,
Managing Director
Holle, Mark (847) 230-3256 Vice President Commercial
Kalina, Gary (847) 230-3268 Vice President Commercial
Kelly, Michael (847) 230-3270 Vice President Commercial
Kernan, Brian (847) 230-3350 Vice President Commercial
MacDonald, Brian (847) 230-3280 Vice President Commercial
McFarlane, Jim (847) 230-3366 Broker/Advisor Commercial  
Migliore, Vito (847) 230-3286 Vice President, Practice Leader - Employee Benefits Division Health, Life,
Employee Benefits
Mooney, Brianne (847) 230-3218 Claims Manager  
Nenoff, Tom (847) 230-3296 Broker/Advisor Commercial
Oliff, Reed (847) 230-3298 Vice President Commercial
Powers, Dennis (847) 230-3294 Broker/Advisor Commercial
Reibel, Maureen (847) 230-3306 Account Executive - Employee Benefits
Wahlborg, Bruce (847) 230-3332 Vice President Commercial
Wahlborg, Erik (847) 230-3342 Broker/Advisor Commercial
Tom Zagorski (847) 230-3322 Broker/Advisor Personal – Home & Auto
Zaino, Joseph (847) 230-3232 Broker/Advisor Health, Life,
Employee Benefits
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We represent and are affiliated with a number of organizations, property and casualty
insurers, life and health underwriters. We have working partnerships with loss control and
claims consultants, and can access virtually any global market.


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When it comes to providing a safety net for your business we offer a wide variety
of first-rate professional products and services.
Business insurance
  • Professional Liability
  • General Liability
  • Commercial Auto
  • International
  • Umbrella
  • Commercial Property/Inland Marine
  • Crime
  • Workers Compensation
  • Retrospective Rating Programs
  • Employment Practices
  • Directors & Officers

Business Planning
  • Buy/Sell Funding
  • Tax Planning

  • Business Perpetuation Planning
  • Key Personnel Life/Disability
Employee Benefits
  • Group Life
  • Salary Continuation
  • 401(k) Savings Plans
  • Deferred Compensation

  • Health and Disability
  • Pension and Profit Sharing Plans
  • Section 125 Cafeteria Plans
Loss Control
  • OSHA Related Services:
    • OSHA 300 Log Maintenance
    • Mock OSHA Audits
    • OSHA 10 and 30 Hour Training

  • Accident Investigation
  • Job Site Inspections
  • Material Handling and Ergonomics
  • COBRA Compliance
  • Employee Handbooks

  • Family Medical Leave Act
  • Employee Assistance Programs
  • Job Descriptions
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Protecting your family, yourself and your property is your #1 priority. It’s ours, too.
Personal Insurance
  • Automobile
  • Umbrella/Excess Liability
  • Life Insurance
  • Medicare Supplements
  • Homeowners/Condominium Owners
  • Collections/Valuable Articles
  • Health/Disability Insurance
  • Long Term Care
estate planning
  • Estate Preservation
  • Tax Planning
  • Wealth Accumulation Planning
  • Key Person Life/Disability
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Claims Advocacy and Management

TV commercials suggest resolving an insurance claim is easy, seemingly as simple
as snapping one’s fingers. The reality is quite different. Claims are often complex,
confusing, laborious, and sometimes downright adversarial.

Because of that reality we have a dedicated Claims Advocacy and Management
Department in order to:
  • Shepherd our clients through the nuanced-claim process
  • Scrutinize the performance of our carrier partners
  • Track our client’s claims so that nothing falls between the cracks
Click here for the Claims Manager Blog



Loss Prevention and Safety Training

The old adage “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is true. The best
remedy for an accident is to never have one in the first place. But they happen. And
they affect your bottom line directly. Our loss control/prevention programs are designed
to create a safer work environment while mitigating the costs of doing so. In the long
run you save money, improving workplace safety and reducing risk in the process.

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